Laura Valiani in Perugia

Laura Valiani is a versatile, experienced and certified teacher from Perugia, in Umbria. She has been passionately teaching (language) classes for years in various settings, from professionals to university students and seniors. Since 1993 she has taught in Italy and in the Netherlands, both privately and at university, in both English and Italian. She has collaborated with several adult education institute, with the International Italian Association Dante Alighieri with the prestigious Berlitz School. In Italy she has been a university lecturer at the Università degli Studi di Perugia.

She knows different methods, develops courses herself and is at home in online teaching and presenting linguistic and cultural depths of her own production through digital channels. Given her long experience, she is able to process the desired language goals in tailor-made courses and to produce original teaching materials.

Laura Valiani in Umbria

In addition to her work as a language teacher, Laura develops courses herself as a volunteer and organizes (inter)national training courses and locally supervises a team that teaches children.