Private lesson advanced

For years I had Italian lessons in groups. That was fine. At one point I wanted something different and I started looking for it. I have been taking lessons from Laura for several months now. Now via Skype. I'm glad I took that step. Lesson at your own level with attention to topics that appeal to you and that form a starting point for the conversation. She is very handy with the computer and has examples at hand and visualized in no time. In short: Lively, fun and educational!


Private lesson intermediate

I highly recommend Laura, I benefited from several months of individual training. She was consistently prepared, reliable, and good at instructing. I appreciated his ability to teach and clarify communication. More importantly, it has the experience and cultural understanding you need when learning a language.

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Private lesson beginner

From secondary school and further education, I, as a born Beta, left learning foreign languages behind me as quickly as possible. But every visit to Italy makes it clear to me that if I could speak the Italian language just a little bit, an extra world would open up. For example, food plays an important role in Italy and I should just be able to have a simple conversation with a waiter; how nice would that be? Only I never dared to take the step to take in more than the usual words, ciao, grazie, buongiorno etc. After years of despair, I finally took the plunge and I thought group Italian lessons were a good idea, because I expected lessons within a group to be less confrontational. In a personal conversation, however, Laura convinced me that it is precisely private lessons that lower the threshold and that they are effective. Mainly because I don't have to adapt, but that she, Laura, will adapt and can effectively adjust the lessons to my beginner level and progression from the didactics. And that's how it goes, in fact, Laura is broadly developed in so many areas that she is constantly able to connect with what appeals to me in the language and which learning and teaching approach can take me further. Besides the language, Laura also teaches me a lot about the country, the culture and customs of the Italians. After every lesson I feel richer, because I meet more Italia through Laura with the language.


Private lesson intermediate

I am a great admirer of Italian and would like to be able to speak this language well. Unfortunately, my talent for languages is a bit on the small side and my exact character gets in the way. That's no problem for Laura. She speaks excellent Dutch and is a patient teacher who can endlessly explain problems and point out the logic of certain things to me. Moreover, we have wonderful conversations about Italian culture, from pop music to classical literature, so that I feel like I am in Italy for an hour once a week.


Private lesson intermediate

Super skilled, motivated and committed Italian teacher, always well prepared and with a nice touch of authentic passion.


Group lesson beginner

I have taken group Italian lessons for several years with Laura as a teacher.

She always made great lessons, she matched the level and learning style of her students well, came up with self-designed sheets and exercises to make it even clearer and to practice more.

She spoke enthusiastically about the Italian language, culture and customs.

I learned a lot from her and her lessons were always nice and pleasant, also online lately.


Private lesson beginner

Italian lessons from Laura are fun but above all instructive! Laura has a real passion for her native language and culture. She can explain well the backgrounds of the culture and the development of the language (why certain verbs have to be conjugated in a certain way, etc.). It is therefore noticeable that she has followed a language course and has teaching experience. Laura is also 'relaxed' about the result. She just likes to work with the language together. One of the statements she has often mentioned is: 'It doesn't matter if you haven't had that much time for study, has it? Then we practice together here, don't we?' This always makes it a party to come to Laura's Italian class!


Private lesson intermediate

The lessons with Laura are very nice! They are perfectly tailored to my level and interests and always a lot of fun too. Laura is very enthusiastic, nice and always top prepared. Highly recommended!


Group lesson intermediate

Laura is a passionate teacher who has an excellent command of the Italian language, which she is able to convey really well to all levels of students. I always enjoyed her lessons very much; especially the way she managed to find interesting ways to teach us to read, write and speak for practical use. She always finds various ways to explain the grammar and etymology such that everybody understands.


Private lesson intermediate

In May of 2021 I was looking for Italian lessons in Leiden. Italy is my favorite holiday country and I wanted to be able to make myself understood there. Laura has taught me professionally and in a pleasant way for the past year and a half. What I especially liked was that Laura was open to suggestions regarding the approach and content of our lessons. I have learned an awful lot in a short time. In short: if you are looking for high-quality tailor-made Italian lessons, Laura is definitely the right place for you.


Group lesson intermediate

As a teacher Ms. Valiani is recognized and respected by the students. She held the lessons in an experienced and targeted yet flexible manner, didactically and methodically appropriate for the students. She displayed an excellent sense of responding to the students’ individual characteristics and needs and provided the necessary help. Through the use of appropriate working documents - the lessons book but also additional texts provided by her ad hoc, and last not least the effective use of media - the students were enabled to achieve satisfactory work results in good time. Another useful element of the lessons, further strengthening the performance level of the class, were the regular phases of group work. Much appreciated were also those parts of the lessons that focused on everyday life in as well as the history of Italy, providing an additional layer of preparedness for a number of trips to Italy actually taken by some of the students.
Through her pleasant, positive charisma as well as her natural teaching skills, the friendly yet energetic Ms. Valiani created a pleasant working and learning atmosphere – and the determination of the author of these lines to sign up for her next course which is scheduled to begin in September.


Private lesson intermediate

I've been taking Italian lessons with Mrs. Valiani for half a year and it's great. The perfect mix for me between 'just' learning to converse, nice facts about the country, the people and the culture, and a piece of thorough - and patiently explained - grammar. And cozy too. I can recommend it to every Italy fan!


Group lesson intermediate

I have been following Laura's lessons for one season now and she has already taught me a lot about Italian culture and customs. She gives clear explanations so that you suddenly understand the grammar. The lessons fly by and are extremely inspiring; when you get home you want to do your homework right away...


Group lesson beginners

Laura gives us Italian lessons to our great pleasure. She does that very varied and versatile. We get such a good feeling about this.


Group lesson intermediate

With great pleasure I have been going to Laura Valiani's (group) lessons for about 1 year now. The lessons are varied, we follow a textbook, but sometimes make small trips based on a subject from the book or in response to the moment / time. For example, she gave extra explanation about the customs of Italy during Easter and Mother's Day. She is alert during class and sees if we are having trouble with something. There is room for questions and personal input. Laura knows how to enthuse us. In addition, I think being taught by a real Italian teacher is fantastico!


Group lesson intermediate

We sometimes still enjoy 'hearing' Italian and then discover that we can still understand something and follow the main line. So thankful for your lessons. We also look back fondly on your lessons. We have learned a lot in a short time.


Duo lesson beginner

In one year Laura brought my Italian to the level I wanted. Especially her knowledge and flexibility, in terms of times and lesson content, helped me enormously.


Group lesson intermediate

I have been taking Italian lessons for several years, of which last year at the LVU. Our teacher Laura Valiani teaches in a fun, varied way, where she is open to ideas from the students. She regularly tells something about Italian habits and customs, backgrounds or history. Because the Italian language is offered by a 'native speaker', it 'lives' and makes me enthusiastic to be involved with the language. Participation in the course is easily accessible, you are free to choose to spend much or less time on homework. When you have less time during a busy period, it is still nice to go to class. In short: Learning a foreign language in a relaxed and enthusiastic way!

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